Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today Offer @ Dealmates

hi... today dealmates offer treatment tuk membuang semua bulu2 di bdn kita... ahaksss..sesaper yg berhajat nk licinkan mana2 part bdn yg anda nk..
leh ler beli kupon nie..
murah dan amat berbaloi2....
nie detailnya...

Eliminate Hairy Areas With BEL Permanent Hair Removal for Armpit / Upper Lip / Bikini Line + a Free Rejuvenating Treatment + RM100 Service Voucher at Only RM88 Instead of RM600 at Skin Renew


  • 40% - 50% hair loss in first session
  • Bad odour is eliminated within 20 minutes
  • Whitening effect 
  • Leading brand with more than 16 years of professional clinical experience

The Fine Print

  • Certificate valid from Oct 11, 2011 to Dec 11, 2011
  • Unlimited certificates per person
  • May purchase additional as gifts
  • Prior appointment is required
  • Valid for females aged 18 and above
  • Valid for 1st trial & new customer only
  • See Universal Fine Print


A sparsely scattering of hair in the wrong places can be an absolute turn off during important encounters. Today’s deal makes you hair-free, smooth and socially pleasant with a BEL Permanent Hair Removal for Armpit / Upper Lip / Bikini Line at Skin Renew for only RM88 instead of RM600. You’ll also get a FREE Rejuvenating Treatment and a RM100 service voucher for your next visit.


A leading brand with more than 16 years of professional clinical experience,
Skin Renew is a one-stop beauty centre that offers a myriad of solutions including facials, slimming programmes, spas, breast enhancement and detoxifying treatments.

With the BEL permanent hair removal treatment, clients may witness a 40% - 50% of loss in hair in their first session. A whitening effect can also be seen while bad odour is eliminated within 20 minutes.

The Company

Skin Renew
26-1 Jalan Puteri 5/5, Bandar Puteri, Puchong,
Selangor 47100
03-8062 7077
kalu nk beli offer nie leh pie
SINI yea....


ni lagi satu offer dr dealmates.. sesaper yg ada anak lingkungan umur 3- 12 tahun.. boleh ler antar class musical nie... mmg murah bangat.... mana nk dpt kan dgn harga RM29 tau instead of RM269... hehehe
mama pun berkira2 nk antar anak mama si Nadim tu... huhu
jom kita beli kupon nie byk!!!!

Discover Your Child’s Musical Talent with Modern Music Classes for Only RM 29 Instead of RM269 (Ages 3-6) and RM39 Instead of RM369 (Ages 7-12) at Sunwave Music!


  • Valid according to available class schedule only
  • Certificate is for 4 classes to be completed in 1 month
  • Learn music appreciation, solo and band application and efficient keyboard skills

The Fine Print

  • Certificate valid from Oct 11, 2011 to Dec 11, 2011
  • Limited to 1 certificate per customer
  • Not valid on public holidays and eve of public holidays
  • Limited to Bandar Utama outlet on Thursday and Saturday
  • Classes are available at the Summer Network (Cheras) on Sunday
  • Customers who wish to continue with classes after a month are required to pay the original price
  • See Universal Fine Print


While many of us are aspiring bathroom singers who can only belt out melodious songs at tone deaf keys and howling pitches, our children deserve a better musical education. So enroll them with this certificate for a month’s worth of modern music classes for only RM29 instead of RM269 for children aged 3-6 or RM39 instead of RM369 for children aged 7-12.

Founded in 1979, Sunwave Music’s aim is to develop musical intelligence towards building confidence and mind inspiration; your child will learn more than just how to be musically inclined. Here they will learn how rhythm and melodies go hand in hand and the music learnt at Sunwave Music incorporates animation and musical elements which associates to the surrounding of young learners that will help them explore their creativity in conveying expression and expanding ideas.

In addition to that, modern music will help your child develop creative ideas, boost their self discipline, teach them to work in teams and have a blast at the same time!

Class schedule (In Bandar Utama)
Age GroupDayTime
3-6Thursday7pm – 8pm
7-12Saturday3pm – 4pm
Class schedule (In Summer Network )
        Age Group                    Day                  Time
             3-6              Sunday            11pm-12pm
            7-12              Sunday            11pm-12pm

The Company

Sunwave Music
5-5 One Avenue, Jalan Mesjid PJU 64,
Off Persiaran Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400
03-7729 8568

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Closed on Sundays
See Map

nk beli offer nie pie
SINI yea!!!


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